Rulerr Analytics is constantly analyzing everything that is happening in Rulerr and your external software looking for events that unusual, interesting or risky. When Analytics finds one of these events, it will send a message to person most suited to take action on the issue.

You will only see the Analytics page if you are a Monarch, in the Risk Role, an Auditor or a Product Expert

If you are a Monarch, in the Risk Role or Auditor you will see analytics information for all products. If you are a Product Expert, you will only see analytics information for the products you are a Product Expert of.


Analytics constantly investigates everything that is happening in products added to Rulerr to look for interesting events, risky behaviour or correlations between data.

Analytics events would include things like:

  1. Most people access your products between 9am and 5pm but John accesses products at unusual hours
  2. Mary accesses Rulerr regularly from Sydney Australia but last night she accessed Rulerr from USA
  3. Mary is in a department or Role and her level of access is different to everyone else in the department or role.
  4. Tom (on average) accesses 57 files per day but in the last 10 minutes he has accessed 200.
  5. Terry is regularly changing access privileges regularly for the same people and product
  6. Gerry has been flagged as having unsecure passwords
  7. Joanne hasn't accessed a product for a long while and then suddenly starts using it extensively
  8. Mary often works in the middle of the night, whereas no one else in your organization does

When Rulerr Analytics detects an event of interest it will send notifications to the people with the Risk Role and depending on the type of event it may notify Monarchs, Product Experts, Managers or the person whom the event pertains to.